Sharpening Price List

Sharp Knives

This is the current price list for sharpening services. I am happy to l look at your knifes and tools and give you a free estimate for the work prior to beginning.

If you have an item made in China, India, Pakistan, Mexico (even some USA Brands) or other inferior made product from any other Country … we do not guarantee sharpening. (Note … Some Imported Items have Inferior (Soft) Steels and Won’t Sharpen/Hold Edge) Ask me why!

Don’t hesitate to call before coming in.  941 524-6299


Thursday – Saturday  11am – 4pm


Village Sharpening
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Bradenton, FL 34205

Phone: 941  524-6299

Payment accepted:  Cash, Local Check, Credit Card


Cutlery, Kitchen, Pocket  ($5.00 Minimum Charge)

Straight simple angle bevel knives:  $1.25 per Inch per knife

Serrated knives or complex angle straight blades: $2.00 per Inch per knife

(Measure the cutting edge only – not the entire knife)


Repairs and Reconditioning

For those of you who may have used your knives as screwdrivers and hammers…repairs are done by hand, I have to charge for the extra time.

Chips and Nicks

Chip and Nick Repair $ 5.00 each chip/nick

Broken Tip Repair

Small $10

Large $20

Restore Knife Geometry

$35 minimum charge


Personal Care and Shaving

Straight Razor $35.00 minimum


Scissors (Household and Industrial Only … No Hair/Grooming)*

$2.00 per Inch ($8.00 Minimum Charge)

Scissors are the most used item in the home and it is very easy for them to get damaged through normal use!

*No Guarantee on Scissors (Due to No Adjustments, Damage to Screw, Screw Hole, Bent Blades, etc.)


Woodworking Tools

Chisels (1” and Under) $8.00
Chisels (1 1/8” to 2”) $9.50
Chisels (2 1/8 to 3”) $11.50
Skew Chisel $11.00

Most Wood Carvers Tools (Gouges) $15.00

Hand Plane Irons (1” and Under) $6.00
Hand Plane Irons (1 1/8” to 2”) $8.00
Hand Plane Irons (2 1/8” to 3”) $10.00

Hand and Garden Tools

Adzes $15.00
Axes – Hatchets $15.00

Shovel $15.00
Loppers $ 15.00
Hedge Shears $15.00
Pruning Shears $ 15.00